FLUXUS HAUS is a production company centering on counter-culture initiatives and arts programming in dance, theater, music, painting, and design. FLUXUS offers both instruction and curatorial opportunities for independent thinkers- cultural creatives and artists seeking to create freely in their respective fields.

Engaging through performance and continued artistic development, today FLUXUS HAUS encompasses a wide net of artists, collaborators, and supporters working to provide a unique platform for its audiences. Seeking the obscure, the novice, and the innovative - our programming directly targets a segment of the population that has been overlooked.




Agatha Wright (Miami, FL) attained her degree in Art History from the University of California, Riverside in 2010 with an emphasis on the performing arts. Ms. Wright is the recipient of the Los Angeles Dramatic Allied Arts Guild Award. As the Founder and Artistic Director of her own Production Company, FLUXUS HAUS, Agatha curates dance concerts and multi-disciplinary arts based events focusing on performance and the visual arts at large. FLUXUS HAUS has collaborated with leading arts organizations such as The Miami New Times, The Duncan Theater, The Stella Design Group, The Guild 5 Forty Five, Miami Urban Contemporary Experience during Art Basel 2016, The Coral Gables Museum, Florida Dance Education Organization, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York and The Actors Fund. In March of 2016 The Miami New Times nominated Agatha Wright as Mastermind finalist for her creation of FLUXUS DANCE and her contributions as a pioneering artist in Miami. In 2017 her work was presented at the Perez Art Museum hosted by the Miami New Tropic, Miami City Ballet hosted by FDEO, and Muse Center for the Performing Arts.


In conjunction to her career as a producer and choreographer, Ms. Wright has held positions as Financial Coordinator at In Motion Performing Arts Center, Director of Operations at University Center for the Performing Arts and as Head Administrator for the 2016 National Endowment winners AileyCamp Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Her life’s work consists of maintaining the lineage and artistic pedagogy associated with modern dance alive as well as to merge multidisciplinary approaches to art making. Ms. Wright is also heavily involved in mentoring and teaching youth. In 2017 her youth ensemble took home the prestigious Youth Award for her innovative piece titled Digital Generation- a retrospective on the affects of social media and young adults. While attaining her BA she conducted focused studies on the works of Merce Cunningham and John Cage.   



The Stella Group is a Creative Consultancy, expert in leading the development and execution of advertising, branding and integrated marketing communications strategies in the U.S. and abroad. We are a hands-on, results-driven leader, an innovator and experienced strategic problem solver focusing on all marketing channels. We are designers, architects, photographers and brand artisans building to connect and connect with. Never forgetting that we are part of something bigger, we know that through the creative process comes self-discovery. We are telling our story by shaping yours.



Founder & Executive Director of Muse Performing Arts Center, Yasemin Satici has been a student and lover of the arts her entire life. Inspired by her work with children, Ms Satici aspires to create and support programs that offer the best possible training in the arts. Ms Satici continues to provide outstanding Arts education to her community. She stands as artistic advisor and Board Director of FLUXUS HAUS.



Maksimilian Dikarev is a self-taught photographer. Over the last two decades Maksimilian has delved into digital and large format film, most notably an exploration of a near-extinct medium: Polaroid film.


He is uniquely drawn to Polaroid’s because of its tactile nature. Its permanence and the distinctive quality of each individual Polaroid makes for images impossible to duplicate. Maksimilian describes his process as painstaking and challenging, slower than the fast pace of today’s photographers. He says, “Working with expired film has inherent unpredictability – it frequently distorts my images and often reveals something even more beautiful than what I had intended.”


The accidental marks; the chemical streaks; the half-developed images or missing corners… The unpredictability of “what may happen with this shot” is what turns a good image into a unique one. It is irreproducible. Maksimilian’s artistic focus is the female nude, and with his distinctive knowledge of the human form, his nudes express a unique fluidity and sensitivity. His work is bold, evocative, sensual, and genuinely concerned with evoking the personality of his subjects, reminiscent of the stylized compositions of Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe. In addition to Polaroid’s, Maksimilian is applying his studio experience to explore new methods of lighting the human form in order to reshape it in surreal ways. Maksimilian was born in Russia and spent his formative years in Brooklyn, New York. He has a doctorate degree in physical therapy from Florida International University.  




Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mr. Dias has had an incredible career as a dancer and choreographer; participating in the most prestigious dance companies in the country and quickly moving into theater and television performances. He was the solo artist for Opera Porgy and Bess, an American production in the renowned Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro Brazil and was one of the few Brazilian dancers chosen to perform in the opera masterpiece “Aida.” In television, Roberto was part of a variety of TV shows and soap operas for TV Globo and TV Manchete (Brazil). Following his success in Rio, Roberto relocated to Miami where he was invited to author and choreograph performances around the world including major productions in Mexico and Europe. Recently, Roberto has been working in Miami with his one dance company: the Brazarte Dance Company. Roberto is also currently teaching dance locally in the south Florida. BRAZARTE DANCE COMPANY is a modern contemporary dance company formed in 1999 aimed at combining the excitement and joy of the Brazilian culture with a group of dedicated and experienced dancers to present world-class performance experiences to our Audiences. 







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