Obtaining our key principles from the FLUXUS art movement of the 60’s, the term for the organization is symbolic both metaphorically and in practicum. We believe performance  should be accessible and available to the masses and that everyone has the right to produce art all the time.

FLUXUS HAUS artists have a clear mission to bridge any boundary between art and real life. FLUXUS artists are serious about their desire to change the balance of power in the art world. 




Fluxus Dance Theater has been established to provide artistic opportunity for dancers, choreographers, dance companies, and anyone interested in the creative process through movement. Fluxus artists engage the community through performances, pedagogy and partnering collaboration. The HAUS openly welcomes all styles and genres of dance under its umbrella. Fostering an extensive network, the HAUS encompasses an array of professionals from all walks of life with versatile aesthetics. We encourage artists interested in sharing through the creative process to join the movement!  


FLUXUS HAUS partners with photographers from all over the world to produce stunning visual imagery. 


Working with fine art Photographer Maks Dikarev, Ocean Drive Photographer Gary James, renowned dance photographer Karime Arabia and Vogue Mexico photographer Javier Gomez, the HAUS employs the visual medium of Photography to interpret the world we live in  and we value the importance of archiving live performance. Each image stands as its own artistic footprint. Each performer highlighted beyond the ephemeral performance. The power of the image is long lasting. At FLUXUS HAUS we have made it  our signature mark to create both fine art photography and commercial photography for every performance we curate and produce. 



Music is a critical component to our brand. The HAUS curates and fosters artistic development for musicians working in the genres of electronic, rock&roll, classical and hip-hop. Resident DJ- Allen Richards collaborates with the HAUS during live performances, events, and studio productions.  To learn more about DJ Allen Richards and his music please visit soundcloud.



In 2014 Agatha Wright, Founder of FLUXUS HAUS partnered with The Stella Design Group to create PATINAS- a work inspired by the paintings of Daina Stabulniece. What emerged thereafter has been an ongoing artistic collaboration between the incredible designer Kimberly Grijalva and Agatha Wright. The Stella Design Group brings forth a refined experience to all FLUXUS HAUS productions.  Through their mutual love for the art of dance and movement, Kimberly and Agatha work to create visually captivating pieces for the stage, film, and all FLUXUS DANCE curatorial initiatives.